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Browse time and perfomance tested South Florida garden and landscape nursery favorites on pages indexed by type of plant for use in the landscape.

Flowering Trees

Bauhinia dwarf
Plumeria pudica "Bridal Bouquet"
Dwarf Poinciana

 Tropical Accent Plants 

Banana 'Midnight Madness'


Livistona rotundifolia
Various Palms in a landscape
Container Veitchiia
Copernicia Cuban, container
Old Man Palm, container


Frank Maitland 'Fire Ball"

Heliconia and Gingers

Calathea zebrina
Curcurma hybrid
Hedychium gardnerianum
Heliconia caribaea 'Perfection'
'Perfection' in Jesse Durko's Garden
Red 'Super King' Ginger with Crinum Lily

Florida Native Plants

Hamelia patens Firebush
Vernonia angustifolia Ironweed

Flowering Shrubs

Clerodendrum incisum 'Musical Notes'
Gardenia vietnamensis
Hibiscus 'Puerto Rico'
Ixora dwarf
King's Crape Myrtle
Pink Cup and Saucer
Rondeletia odorata
Tahitian Gardenia
Tibouchina grandiflora 
Container Ixora hybrids in the nursery
White Bauhinia divaricata with peach color Ixora

 Edging Plants

Fireball bromeliads for edging pond plantings

 Ground Covers

Bromeliad Fireball 'Frank Maitland'
Aechmea mexicana