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2019 Summer Blooming Landscape and Garden Plant Picks at Jesse Durko'sNursery

Antique Rose for Florida


Rosa 'Elsa Polson" is a rare find, both an old rose, and a rose which performs well in the Florida garden. If you want a scented rose for your garden or arrangements, these days you will have to go back to antiques and heirlooms.

This is a prolific rose at about four feet, and clearly the proper rose for an antique arrangement.

'Elsa Polson' as well displays natural shade variations from dark pink to almost white petals.

Antique Roses for Florida Antique Roses in Florida

A giant flowered particularly sturdy purple Tibouchina grows just short of the rose. This is a shade garden. A striking variegated Crinum is seen behind the Tibouchina which is underplated with a mix ox blooming yellow shrimp plant, landscape begonias and variegated foliages for continuous color.


Calanthe discolor is a many flowered terrestrial orchid repeatedly blooms throughout the warm months can be grown in a shady garden or ia lovely as a potted plant for a shaded patio. This is a low level plant nice for edging walkways or places where these pale flowers will show up well at night.



Angel's Trumpet

Angel's Trumpets have been growing around old Florida gardens many years, brought here as a curiosity. But the flowers are more abundant in today's varieties, and the colors have become richer. Keep them out of the kiddies' reach- they are very appealing, especially given the name, but have plant alkaloids which may not agree with children and pets. A viny shrub, it can be grown as a spectaclular single specimen on an arbor or trellis, but needs cutting back during its dormant weedy stage.

Nevertheless this is always a showpiece in the tropical garden when blooming, everyone will ask questions about it, and again the white throats show well at night.


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