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How to landscape your own landscape- after all it's your life...

That sounds a funny way to put it, but actually a landscape can reflect your life in many ways and considering our South Florida climate, affords us a opportunity to enjoy outdoor living nearly 365 days a year. Simply ask yourself a few questions as to what you would like the resulting look to be and or what will a space be used for, and you are on your way.

Start by considering does your home have existing architecture features such as contemporary, Mediterranean, old Florida, or a color scheme where landscaping will extend and further detailing the 'look.'?  It's a wonderful way to create style or set a mood. It can incorporate your favorite colors, be bright and flowery, or serene, calm and cool, crisp and formal or overflowing with lush tropical beauty.

Are you the kind of busy person interested in low maintenance or enjoy some time tending and reaping the rewards of our tropical climate. Would you like to invite nature into your garden or if you walk around natural like god made you in which case your outdoor activities may need of some privacy screening.
Truly it s no fun having even a nice neighbor looking every time you're out of doors with or without your clothes, and unless your neighbor is a real hunk  I'm sure the same goes when you look out. To be totally honest I prefer screening away as much of the view of my neighors and their house not that they aren't nice but I think you'll agree that its so much beter to see a shrub, flowering tree, palm, or bamboo, than to see their pool parties, roof, and shed!

Take inventory of what natural features you may have, where are views, trees and shrubs, noting eyesores to be concealed. I tend to save as much of original landscape when starting. Even working with things that exist not quite in the right place often with a little help may become a surprising pleasant feature. You'll also need to know some conditions such as soil type, which direction does the house faces so as to know where sun will shine and shadows fall.

Selecting planting material is fun, you may have aready seen some things you'd like however there is a huge pallet to chose from and this is where your superior sense of style shows. While the average person will pick up some things form a chain store where the selection is limitied with a cashier who most likley knows petunias about petunias and who wants their house to look like it came from Home Depot anyway .

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