Florida Garden Ground Cover Plants

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Aechmea 'Frank Maitland'

Frank is a low-growing bromeliad when in the ground, making tight showy clumps which lock out the weeds. Each plant matures about 18" diameter in a ground planting. It is important with clumping plants to use them in a location where they will be contained exactly in the bed they are wanted, and not become a runaway landscape nightmare. Likewise, in the original planting, spacing should consider the mature size of the plant, especially the diameter. Clumping bromeliad plantings will eventually require routine thinning- a good way to propagate plants for another bed if needed, or good stuff to give away and make friends.
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Aechmea mexicana
This variegated bromeliad is another low grower in the ground, wider than 'Frank Maitland,' and a good way to brighten up shaded areas. This bed demonstrates a well-laid out, well-kempt planting which serves the purpose of covering the ground, but allowing space for each plant to expess its full shape.