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There have always been bamboo in Florida, even a few not so ornamental native species. However, the early pioneers, including such notable people as David Fairchild and Thomas Edison, introduced several new species. Although these great men were looking into the tremendous economic potential that this noble plant offers, they may have been bitten with the bamboo bug. I find it interesting that both men planted clumps of bamboo near their homes.

Blue Stem Bamboo

Tropical bamboo is fast becoming a major contender in the landscape- its image helps conjure a vision of a tropical paradise. In recent years a tremendous wealth of new varieties have entered the landscape scene giving us variations of sizes, forms, textures, with many of them adding a surprisingly dramatic array of colors into our landscapes. Bamboos are not only a landscape feature, but you can use them to block a bad view, create a wall of privacy or cool a space or building. They are lovely to view up close or can serve as a backdrop. They can be proud upright in stature or willowy, shimmering in the wind.

Mexican Weeping Bamboo

You may find them not only beautiful but endearing to your spirit as well.


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