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Jesse Durko opened his landmark Broward County tropical plant nursery and gardens in 1990, with the goal to improve the world through horticulture. Serving the professional sector and the public,Jesse Durko’s Tropical Plant Nursery in Davie, Fl, is easy to find and is open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

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Plantsman Durko has traveled the globe to acquire his tropical and sub-tropical plant collection. On the heels of Florida's early exotic plant pioneers, he has sought to hand-select an expanded palette of plants to test for cultivating in our homes and gardens- more fragrant flowers, colorful foliages, aroids, heliconias, gingers, bromeliads, palms, bamboos, orchids, old roses and flowering trees- essential elements of the tropical garden.

Of importance to the community, plants needing pesticides to grow  and thrive are not offered.
A sustainable stock of Florida native plants is blended with the showy exotic plants, tested for hardiness, ease of maintenance and beauty in the landscape. Jesse Durko as a designer demonstrates how his collection works together to achieve a true South Florida garden.

The 10 acre grounds display much of the collection in a breathtaking landscape design bordering the nursery. Plants grown in the garden are available for sale in the nursery. This provides a rare opportunity to see how a plant will mature after years of growth in a designed garden setting.
For lovers of gardens and tropical landscaping, looking for not just another iffy tropical and little info on what it is or how to grow it, Jesse Durko's is a destination!

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Browse Jesse Durko's nursery stock for rarities of the tropical garden from around the world.
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See how a tropical garden or landscape is successfully constructed for continuous color  and ease of maintenance.
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Browse new, ongoing, and matured landscape and garden design by Jesse Durko.